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Olympus OM-1

Image of an OM-1 of the same vintage as mine
Olympus OM-1MD

My first venture into the world of Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras.

I bought this camera, along with a low quality Tamron zoom lens in August 1983, about 6 years after I started taking my photography seriously.

In some ways it was a backwards step from my beloved Voigtlander, smaller negative sizes and more automation meaning I was able to think less about what I was doing.

I was eventually given a 50mm lens to go with this camera and it's still in my collection usually loaded with a black and white print film.

I used and misused this camera under some very trying conditions from 1983 up until about 1997.

As many others can attest, this is a very rugged camera. Bits and pieces have fallen off it over the years but it still keeps on keeping on. I can no longer use the flash shoe due to too many things getting bent inside the body where the shoe mounts on the camera and the self timer lever fell off many moons ago. I would have thought that there was so much garbage (sand, dirt and water) inside the body it would have given up the ghost.... but no....

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