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Usuff Omar, Hong Kong, 1985

Hong Kong night scene 1985
Hong Kong night scene 1985

For those who've been to Hong Kong the dark twin bulding in the center of the photo above is Exchange Square which was then in the final stages of construction (1985), hence no office lights are on. To the right of it is another building under construction, which looks like Harbour Building where I happened to work from 1986 to 1988. To the right of that is Victoria Hotel and the Macau ferry pier, also under construction.

Since this photo was taken in 1985 there have been numerous additions to the skyline and it looks even more impressive today than it did in the mid 1980s.

The last few decades of the twentieth century were, in fact, boom times for Hong Kong and the harbour has been dramatically transformed from the way I knew it growing up in the slower sixties.

There are few cities in the world more spectacular than Hong Kong at night. The marriage of British administration and Chinese enterprise created the miracle of Hong Kong.

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