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Scanning prints, negatives and slides - My first bulb photo

By a strange coincidence the first negative I tried to scan was the first photograph I deliberately took on the "bulb" setting specifically for the effect. I did not realise it was the first one until I went back and looked for others from this period of my life (adolescence).

I think I did a pretty good job on this in the end - it's hard to be sure because I cannot remember the correct colouring from that particular day. The point is I managed to get something that closely resembles the original print and improves on the quality.

Moon, Forestville, Feb 1976

Original 1976 print (30 years old) scanned on the old Canon.
Original 1976 print (30 years old)
scanned on the old Canon.
Raw negative scan.
Raw negative scan.
Negative scan with "auto shadows lightened".
Negative scan with
"auto shadows lightened".
Final result (see following blurb).
Final result
(see following blurb).

To be honest I cannot remember exactly what I did to achieve the "final result". I certainly lightened the shadows and increased the red in the image (probably using the black and white points feature).

I was disappointed and frustrated with my next two attempts.

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