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Nikon F301 (N2000)

Image of a Nikon F301
Nikon F301 (N2000)

I bought this camera second hand (as opposed to continuing with another Olympus) primarily because I had a professional friend who had a number of Nikons and, more importantly, lenses that I could borrow. It was a cheap body and allowed me to experiment with some nice lenses (such as the 20mm f2.2 that I eventually bought).

It's most significant drawback for me, and especially in terms of bulb photography, was that it does not have a manual cable release. I decided not to spend the money on the electronic cable release - it was about the same amout of money that I'd spent on the body!

Now I write all this I realise that there are probably not going to be any images on this site taken with this camera because of this glaring oversight.

This did lead me on to eventually buy my current (much loved) camera, the Nikon F80s (or N80 if you prefer).

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