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Overview of Contents

First I explain a little more about what pendulum photography is.

The study of pendulums is firmly rooted in the western scientific tradition and I briefly cover the physics of pendulums in the next pages.

For those interested in trying their hand at pendulum photography I've included some basic instructions on getting started. This information does not represent the totality of my methods but offers a brief introduction to the art form. (Besides a single line pendulum there are other pendulum configurations such as the Blackburn pendulum and the twin elliptic pendulum).

Untitled (pendulum image5)

I am very interested in the spiritual and mystical aspects of pendulum patterns, you'll see that my web pages discussing this aspect make up the majority of the site. These pages are where it's no longer physics but metaphysics. It draws from non academic sources and is conjectural and speculative.

For those interested I give some information on the photographic equipment I use.

An issue I then discuss is one which is frequently asked of me - do I use computers to create my work, or why I don't do so.

Finally I offer a brief biography of myself.

I don't see myself as just a photographer, nor even an artist, physicist or mystic (definitely not that). Rather, I try to find the intersection of all these fields. Advanced pendulum photography can be so placed in eclectically drawing on or touching all these areas to varying degrees and I would see myself simply as a 'pendulum photographer'. Simple pendulum photography, however, can be enjoyed by anyone with a basic knowledge of photography and it demands no great expertise to start creating interesting or wonderful patterns.

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