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Mystical Aspects of Pendulum Patterns

Lines in Form Constants (Part 3 of 6)

Pendulum patterns are created by lines. Interestingly, lines are also involved in form constants. The following description is with respect to the effect of mescaline.

"The largest part of the mescaline experience is experienced visually, through hallucinations. Most hallucinatory phenomena are usually variations of certain forms. These form constants are: a) grating, lattice, fretwork, filigree, honeycomb, or chessboard; b) cobweb; c) tunnel, funnel, alley, cone or vessel; d) spiral. The fineness of the lines is often stressed... Lines are one of the most prevalent things seen while under the influence of mescaline. This is often seen as a 'lattice' or 'fretwork'" (Ref 4).

Lines may also be involved in LSD (Ref 5) and marijuana (Ref 6) hallucinations.

Lines are also mentioned in the creation of the Universe - an off ratio Lissajous figure creates a rotating figure of criss-crossing lines which has reminded one author of ancient creation myths.

"As I pondered the connection between these figures and other areas of knowledge, I came to think about the concept that exists in many societies and their mythologies around the world, which describes the world as a web. For example, many of the Mesoamerican people regarded the various parts of the universe as products of spinning and weaving: Conception and birth were/ ... /compared with the acts of spinning and weaving; all the Aztec and Mayan creation and fertility goddesses were described as great weavers." (Ref 7).

Shamans considered concentric circles to be "passageways between the natural and supernatural world" according to Dr Jeremy Dronfield (Ref 8), a point echoed by Soluntra King, a Mandala artist who says the "series of concentric forms is suggestive of a passage between different dimensions (Ref 9).

In Aboriginal drawings concentric circles represent, according to one source, the location of sacred sites.

Reference to lines is also be found in Dan Davidson's book Shape Power which looks at geometric forms that create an energetic structure and where the two dimensional pattern involved "must be drawn with one continuous stroke of the pen" (Ref 10), meaning a continuous line. Lines are at the basis of pendulum patterns - they are the result of the intricate movement of one and the same continuous line.

Lines seem to comprise form constants and, probably, thought-forms. What is the significance of lines? I don't know. But in assembling my research material for this paper it emerged often enough for me to mention it as something of possible significance.


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