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Join in - send me your stuff

As you can probably tell - we're just starting out at the moment. But don't let that put you off!

Get in now and it's free for life.

All contributors who join now will never be charged for having their photos on this site.

I'm actually hoping that the site will remain free for ever, for everyone. How is this possible? Quite simply baecause we are hoping that the small ads you see on this page (unless you have worked out how to switch them off) will pay for the site's hosting.

This site will never generate pop-up, pop-over or pop-under etc ads. I hate them.

How to join

Simply send me an email (to contribution at bulbphotography dot com) and, so long as your work fits in with the flavour, it will be added with the words you want with it (if any).

Sunlight through incense smoke, Cremorne, May 1980
Sunlight through incense smoke,
Cremorne, May 1980

What qualifies?

If your photo was taken with an exposure of more than 1/60 of a second or is a double or multiple exposure (and of course it's not offensive etc) then you're probably in.

Superimposed printings or graphical hacks will also be considered so long as they fit in and/ or are really cool. There's no need to lie about it being superimposed. The idea of this site is to share ideas (you keep the copyright of your images) and to let others know how to do it (whatever it takes).

What you need to provide

As little or as much as you like. You provide me with images and words and how you'd like to see them put together and I put the web pages together.

If there's enough material and / or if you have a discrete topic then we may put it together as a sub-site.

If you can't remember when an image was captured or what you'd taken or what the camera settings were or what the subject was... do not fuss.

Some of the most fantastic long exposure shots I've seen (or taken) did not turn out the way they were planned. After all, in most cases bulb photos are taken in very low light conditions...

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